Fantastic Food Sampling Tips to Tantalize Taste Buds

Fantastic Food Sampling Tips to Tantalize Taste Buds

Have you just come up with your very own food business idea? If so, then you need to reach out to people and show them why they should spend money on the food you make. You can do this by investing in shopping centre promotions that involve providing free samples to the folks interested in trying out your food. Over the course of this blog, we would like to share a few tips with you so that you can make the entire promotional process of providing free food samples a resounding success.

1: Make Your Kiosk/Booth Look Appealing

Shopping centres already have so much colour for the eyes to feast on. If you don’t make your kiosk/booth colourful in such an eye-catching environment, absolutely no one would show interest in your kiosk, no matter how amazing the food on offer is. So, first things first, make your kiosk/booth colourful and appealing.

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Complement your kiosk with sleek uniforms for the staff members involved in the demonstration and food sampling process. Ensure that you pick well-behaved and courteous people for the job who will stick to all hygienic standards to maintain food safety.

2: Be Generous with the Food Samples

Generosity should be your priority when providing free food samples to your target audiences. Just because you are offering free food doesn’t mean that the samples will be small-sized and poorly-made. Remember, if you are new to the food business, the quality of your samples will determine how much people would want to keep eating your food.

Along with the samples, you could also provide coupons to people that would allow them to make future purchases at attractive discounts. If people like your food, you can be sure that they will come back again to eat some more of the best that you have to offer.

3: Target Shopping Centre Promotions During Weekends and Festivals

When are people most likely to make their way to shopping centres? Definitely not on weekdays when they are bogged down with work from morning until evening. Statistics show that shopping centres experience the highest footfall during the weekends and the most popular festivals. So you should always target these times for your promotional activities.

Providing people with food samples during these times offer your business the chance of getting noticed by a large number of people. Even though not all people would probably be interested, you would still stand a chance of getting a fair few to taste your food, especially if you can back it up with a great presentation.

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4: Show Them Your Secret

A lot of food businesses shy away from revealing how they make their trademark dishes. However, this is not always a good thing. Agreed, trade secrets do have their charms, but what’s the harm in sharing a secret or two, if not all?

The best way to do this is to prepare the food samples in front of them. While it is undoubtedly a tough task to operate a live kitchen as people around the kiosk move about constantly, if you execute it well enough, it can work wonders. Doing this would also go great lengths to show people that you aren’t using excessive oil and spices in your cooking.