What are the different types of thread gauges in the market?

What are the different types of thread gauges in the market?

In the manufacturing industry, the production of component is governed by the international standards. Each of the standard has about set tolerances and dimensional limits, which the manufactured component should meet for it to be accepted in the industry. The dimensions therefore need to be examined and checked and the findings of these checks are recorded. A complete series of metrology equipments is available in the market for measuring lengths, diameters, and surface finish. 

There are several methods and tools available for checking thread dimensions when a threaded component is  manufactured. The effective pitch diameter of a thread is measured using thread micrometer, and it is fitted with conical anvil and a vee. This can also be achieved through thread wire sets and standard flat face micrometer. The thread gauges are used for checking whether the thread dimensions fall under or over dimensional limits. The thread gauges are ground and hardened to accurate dimensions which meet the specification for required standards. 

The thread plug gauges are used for checking internal threads while the thread ring gauges are used for checking external threads. Basically each gauge consists of two fundamental parts in the form of GO gauge and NO GO gauge. Both of the parts must be utilized accordingly for checking the thread. For the thread to be well within the permissible dimensions, the GO plug gauge must screw into internal thread and the NO GO must not screw into it. The gauges are available for various sizes and forms including 60 degree form, 50 degree form, and acme form. 

The different types of thread gauges at Gaugestools

The main types of thread gauges that are sold in the market includes ring gauges, thread plug gauges, go gauges, no go gauges among others. There are several companies and manufacturers with an excellent body of work and trusted reputation in the industry. When you are purchasing any specific type of thread gauge then you can conduct your own analysis to find the best manufacturer with excellent quality products. 

The Gaugestools is one of the most reliable thread gauge manufacturer with an extensive collection of high quality products on its online store. You can browse the wide range of products by filtering them based on their category and check out the product details including features, specs, and price by visiting the product listing page. 

The whitworth thread are one of the prominent categories of thread gauges sold by Gaugestools. When it comes to tolerance classes, the close class bolts applies to the screw threads that requires fine snug fit and it must only be used for the special work where the refined pitch accuracy and thread form are required. The Medium class nuts and bolts: They apply to better class of the ordinary interchangeable screw thread. 

Free class bolts: Applies to most of the bolts which have ordinary commercial quality nuts. This particular class is intended to be used with free or medium class bolts. The company also produces special whitworth thread gauges based on the custom requirements of the clients. 

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