What Are Roll Bags? Do They Work For You?

What Are Roll Bags? Do They Work For You?

We all have come across roll bags in the super markets, retail stores, pharmacies, vegetable vendors etc. Roll bags are rolled around a core, which is a circular plastic centerpiece. They are perforated from on side and have an opening on the other side. Usually they come without handles, and sometimes are customized. 

Roll bags often find applications in the e-commerce sections like consumer goods, medicines, mailings etc. Most of the products you see in super markets like oil, sugar; tea-coffee sachets all make use of roll bags. Some of these have brand names, instructions, dates etc. imprinted on them while others are devoid of this. 

Following the majority, several businesses are inclined to buy roll bags to contain their products. But you cannot blindly follow the majority: then how do you decide if roll bags work for you? 

Here are a few aspects to consider-

A] Affordability

If you are looking for a cheaper option to pack your products and yet make it look appealing to the customers; roll bags are a good option for you. Plastic roll bags have low costs per unit and additionally you can customize them enhancing your brand awareness. 

B] Durability and Storage

Cardboard packing is not only expensive but also can be bulky and may attract pests if stored for a long-time. Plastic roll bags are generally devoid of any such risk and take up less space. They are a very good option if you are involved in the food and beverage industry. 

C] No Objection to Plastic

If you are someone who is anti-plastic then roll bags are not something you should go for. But you just cannot deny the wide applicability, functionality, and overall advantages that plastic provides; hence it is still something you should consider. Most bag manufacturers keep environment in mind today. All the bags produced at Junise are recyclable and some production is also made from recycled plastic here. 

D] Unbreakable

Plastic roll bags usually don’t break unless handled very irresponsibly. Hence, if you are looking for an unbreakable, long-lasting packaging; roll bags work for you.

Bag manufacturers usually provide options to choose from. Roll bags vary in quality due to the different resin and plastic used. This also causes variations in pricing. Roll bags are overall a very good option for abundant packaging. They are economical, flexible, and functional which makes them an ideal choice for packaging. 

Joseph Vega