The Year Began With 75 Hard: All You Need To Know About The Trend

The Year Began With 75 Hard: All You Need To Know About The Trend

If FitTok’s algorithm randomly assigned you to the middle of FitTok (which combines fitness with TikTok), it’s likely that you’ve heard of the 75 HARD challenge via hashtags like #75Hard and #75HardChallenge, which can be searched for. Side-by-side and six-pack reveal have undergone startling transformations as a result of this fitness challenge. There is no denying the power of vitality in every single piece of material.

However, was the 75-hour challenge really intended for it? The internet trend that is certain to gain steam in 2022 is discussed here by experts in nutrition, mental health, and fitness.

75 HARD introduction

A variety of fitness, health, and mental toughness programs are required for the 75-day 75 HARD challenge.

Rules for 75 HARD

  1. 1. You must strictly follow your preferred balanced diet. Alcohol and alcohol products are prohibited in all forms.
  2. Engage in at least 45 minutes of exercise twice daily. The second 75 Hard workout ought to take place outside.
  3. Consume one gallon of water each day.
  4. Take daily photos of your progress.
  5. Each day, read ten pages of a self-help book.

This is the biggest issue. If you don’t adhere to these instructions exactly, you must restart on day 1 and follow them exactly the next time. Even if your daily workout objective is 1 minute away from being achieved. One ounce of water lost is all that’s necessary.

It is noteworthy. For those who have passed the initial 75 HARD test, there are more challenging variations. Phases 1, 2, and 3 are referred to as such, and they contain the following components:

  • daily cold showers lasting five minutes.
  • Imagine your life for ten minutes, including the success you desire.
  • Engaging in conversation with a stranger.
  • the practice of random acts of kindness

Where did the 75 HARD concept originate?

Andy Frisella, a businessman who is now well-known for both his book 75 HARD: A Tactical Guide to Winning the War by Yourself and his renowned podcast Real AF, is the author of 75 HARD. Andy Frisella originally developed 75 HARD to fulfill his own personal ambition to get his life in order. The program is referred to as a mental strength program, not a fitness program.

The program is now open to the public. In a podcast episode that features a discussion of the exercise, the man claims, “I’ve spent over 20 years trying to figure out the best way to increase mental toughness, and I’m now making all the lessons I’ve learned into an exercise I’m calling 75 HARD.”

Andy Frisella undoubtedly has a long list of achievements in the wellness industry as the CEO of various businesses involved in fitness and health. He is not, however, a licensed physical therapist, certified personal trainer, or registered dietitian, registered therapists.

Is 75 HARD protected?

There is nothing inherently dangerous about 75 HARD. In the end, many of the program’s fundamental tenets—such as getting at least 90 minutes of daily exercise, eating healthily, and paying attention to hydration—are in line with regulations set forth by organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization.

The program does, however, have a feature that can be customized, which has the potential to either enhance or jeopardize a person’s safety.

It is true that individuals can change their workout plan to accommodate their present level of fitness, training age, and recovery techniques. Nevertheless, this also implies that a person isn’t able to modify the plan to suit their needs and may wind up underrating, overexerting themselves and risking injury, or losing energy.


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