Plastic Freezer Spacers Will Offer You a Better Value and Durability

Plastic Freezer Spacers Will Offer You a Better Value and Durability

Food and other perishable commodities can be sensitive to freeze, needing particular knowledge, experience, and also material handling equipment.

If your product is harmed by extremely cold temperatures, you could be looking at huge losses if you don’t have the necessary equipment. Having a dependable source for the premium quality solutions you require for safe and effective food handling pays off because of this.

Top Industries Inc. has been supporting various warehouses and cold storage businesses by designing material handling systems using freezer spacers to make improvements in their operations.

A few freezer spacers made entirely of recyclable materials and of the highest quality exist on the market. Both the heavy-duty Maxi design as well as the Standard Egg Crate design offer effective ventilation and adhere to FDA guidelines for food packaging applications.

They can maintain a tight nest to save storage needs, are easily cleaned, and require little upkeep.

Few businesses sell freezer spacers that, by allowing cold air to move swiftly to the centre of the stack, can lower energy expenditures and shorten freezer cycle times.

The separator’s special surface finish makes it simple to power wash, steam clean, or scrape without compromising the efficiency of the freezer spacers. Available in sizes 1016 x 1219mm or 800 x 1219mm, rated for a static load of 1150 kg. There are sample packets of ten spacers available.

Plastic freezer spacers can deliver consistent performance results

All products must be quickly and completely frozen at the same time to ensure safe food freezing and storage. The outside and top products will freeze more quickly than those in the middle and bottom of your freezer if the freezer shelves or spacers don’t allow enough airflow and circulation.

Your frozen food’s quality and safety may suffer due to this inconsistency, which could lead to waste and health risks.

By working with superior Material Handling, you may avoid the extra costs and issues that occur with freezer spacers that don’t have the proper cold conductivity or cannot handle temperatures.

For your frozen food storage needs, plastic freezer spacers offer excellent value together with a clever, long-lasting design.

Keeping food products safe by using plastic freezer spacers

The requirements for handling and freezing food and products connected to food are set by government regulations. A small number of plastic freezer spacers are specifically made to provide the following in order to ensure quick and reliable freezing:

  1. Airflow

The chilly atmosphere and stagnant air might interfere with your production process in a number of ways. Plastic freezer spacers that are well-designed allow air to flow freely both within and between them.

  1. Cleanliness

Plastic is bacterial growth resistant, hygienic, and simple to clean. These plastic freezer spacers can easily be washed in between usage and stacked until you require them again.

  1. Strength

The plastic materials selected are made to survive temperatures well below zero and are tailored to freezing.

Top Industries is one of the best companies offering solutions to cold storage and warehouses. It will therefore be interesting to see a few YouTube videos of this company.



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