Common Mistakes you should Avoid While Window Cleaning

Common Mistakes you should Avoid While Window Cleaning

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then the windows of a house are the escape route of your soul. Imagine a house without a window, or a window so dirty that you can not look outside through it and it obstructs the light coming in. A house with low light can affect your mental well-being. With time the outside and the inside of the house get dirty with dust and grime accumulating on them. Despite all your cleaning measures, if you are unable to keep the windows clean, you are probably making some mistakes. Zachs window cleaning agency has pointed out some common mistakes that homeowners make. Have a look and ensure that you do not make those mistakes.

Do Not Choose a Sunny Day for Window Cleaning

If the windows get heated up with the sun shining bright, then the cleaner you spray will dry instantly when you spray them on the windows. But if you have made up your mind about cleaning, do it in the latter half of the day. First, Clean the windows on the shady side of your house and gradually move to the next.

Don’t be a Miser Mosebee 

You have to spray on the windows generously with the spray. Do not hold back the spray, especially if your winds are extremely dirty. You can use any glass cleaner that is available in the market to clean the windows, just remember to spray generously on the window glasses. You can also DIY a glass cleaner, with two parts of water, half parts of vinegar, and a quarter part rubbing alcohol.

Do Not Spray Cleaner on the Dirt

If you spray the cleaner directly on the dust, it might get mixed with the dirt and create a muddy consistency. To avoid this, dust the window with a cloth, duster, or handheld vacuum cleaner and then spray the solution. If you have a detachable window, then take the window and wash it with a soap water solution, let it dry and place it back again.

Do Not Use Old Cotton Rugs to Dry the Glass

After you are done with the cleaning, it is best if you use a microfiber cloth to dry the windows. Old cotton rugs scratch the glass of the window. Some people like using paper towels to dry, if you prefer using paper towels, ensure it is good. Cheap paper towels leave lint on the surface of the windows. 

Clare Louise