ADUs As an Alternative to Nursing Homes

Whether you are one of the millions of Americans who care for an elderly parent at home, you may wonder if there is a better way to care for them. You may be considering placing them in a nursing home, but first, ponder about an ADU. ADUs, or auxiliary dwelling units, are modest apartments that may give your loved one the necessary care and supervision without requiring them to leave their home. ADUs can be an excellent alternative to nursing homes and can alleviate caregiver stress. Continue reading to discover more about ADUs in Hillsborough, CA, and how they can be ideal for your family.

In the Neighborhood

The significant advantage of having an ADU in your backyard while caring for an older parent or family member is that it gives your loved one more room and privacy, making them feel more comfortable and safe as they age. You may care for a loved one while being independent and free. Having an ADU nearby ensures that you will always be available to your parent if they want assistance, whether it is delivering a home-cooked meal or giving medical care. Overall, having an ADU in your backyard is certainly a win-win situation for everyone concerned.

Additional ADU Applications

ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, are becoming increasingly popular as a method to house extended family members or elderly relatives. These modest additions, which are frequently attached to existing structures, give a nice living space close to the principal dwelling.

Another critical advantage of ADUs is that they allow families to stay together even when circumstances make a living under the same roof impossible. An ADU may provide your loved ones the space and assistance they deserve, whether they are going through a difficult time or seeking their first taste of freedom (in a safer setting). Furthermore, secondary homes of this size are typically less expensive than larger ones, making them suitable for those on a tight budget.

Consider getting an ADU if you are seeking a cost-effective alternative to accommodate your extended family or aging loved ones. It may be the finest answer for all of your housing needs due to its adjustable construction and numerous features.

How to Begin Constructing an ADU

There are a few important considerations to make while constructing an accessory living unit (ADU). First, determine whether your property is suitable for an ADU. Consider the following elements:

  • The dimensions and shape of your lot
  • Existence of easements on your land
  • Local zoning regulations

After the basic work is completed, you may begin planning the design and construction phases. You’re in luck if this looks to be incredibly frightening! Acton ADU is one of the most experienced ADU builders in California. You will have over 30 years of experience on your side with their staff. They can assist you with the following difficulties while constructing an ADU in California:

  • Alternatives for project financing
  • The viability of the house
  • Expenses for hidden permit fees
  • Government housing regulations

Acton ADU offers a bespoke, high-quality, traditionally-built backyard house complete with all amenities! Visit to see their collection and learn more about families like yours that need more room! One of their custom-built ADUs includes a full kitchen, a pleasant living area with a mounted television, a large bedroom, a full bathroom with stacked washing and dryer machines, and even an office! With so many possibilities, you may design your ADU to your family’s needs.

Procedures For Security

There are a few things to consider before constructing an extra housing unit on your property to shelter your elderly or disabled loved ones. First and foremost, ensure that the team conforms to local construction laws and safety regulations. In your ADU, for example, you may install slip-resistant flooring, bathtub seat/grab bars, and lever handles (instead of standard doorknobs).

Consider the type of assistance your family members may require for care, housework, and other essential chores. Acton ADU has various amenities, like washing hookups, which make jobs like laundry easy.

Finally, a clear strategy for managing this transition and establishing who would pay for any necessary repairs or upgrades is crucial. You can guarantee that everyone involved feels supported throughout the process and has the greatest possible experience with your ADU by carefully planning and studying your alternatives.

Caring For Senior Family Members

If a loved one has Alzheimer’s disease or another serious illness, you may face a number of difficulties. To begin with, coping with a sick person’s demands and actions might be difficult. Furthermore, a person living in an ADU may find it challenging to maintain a sense of independence and normalcy. One solution is to hire a professional nurse or home care provider to give frequent care and assistance. This might involve handing out medicines, monitoring vital signs, and providing physical help as required. The ADU’s isolation allows the nurse and their loved one to go about their daily routines in peace, and when they’re having a bad day, everyone has the space they need.

Other supporting services, such as visiting physical therapists, may also be useful in tackling the obstacles of caring for an aging family member. Finding adaptable solutions that fit your requirements as well as the needs of the person you are caring for will be crucial to make this journey as smooth as possible.

Final Thoughts

ADUs offer several advantages to homeowners and their families. If you are considering creating an ADU for a loved one, we highly suggest you get started as soon as possible. Before you begin this project, you need to think about the local zoning restrictions as well as how to design the space to meet your specific demands.

The specialists at Acton ADU will be delighted to assist you with any of the above and more. They have years of expertise in planning and installing ADUs, so you can trust that your project will be handled carefully. Call them as soon as possible to get started! The final results will leave you and your loved ones in awe.