Eric Minoli Is the Boon to The World of Digital Transformation Strategy 

Eric Minoli Is the Boon to The World of Digital Transformation Strategy 

The changing way of the world has brought a way of digitalization with it. This has made all businesses and also the industrial sectors look for ways of modernizing their way of dealing with the world. It is when they need the help of an expert in the world of digitalization, and Eric Minoli of Calimero Consulting is an ideal choice. 

With the experience of more than 30 years in the field of digitalization, Eric has become the most preferred name whenever any company needs guidance for entering into the world of modernization. He takes pride in having a wonderful experience in many fields such as facing head-on the situations and problems as they arise, working worldwide, and utilizing his skills in the education sectors and media field, government agencies, and also the not-for-profit agencies. 

Eric has a passion for many things apart from being a consultant. He is quite an enthusiast when it comes to gourmet food, international geopolitics, and new technologies. He loves to conquer more parts of the world with his husband and they both share a passion for trying something new in every field. This has led them to work on becoming the maitrёs-fromagers, just like a sommelier of the world of cheese. 

Mr. Minoli is a pro when it comes to creating the fresh concept in the world of merging the broadcast and the game engine with one another. The main goal here is to offer the users an immersive experience when they indulge in playing games while connecting the display to their TVs. 

In the world of education, Eric has realigned the operations of a client company, and this has resulted in offering him the opportunity to cast his vote in the parliament. This parliament works on mandating and also broadening the organizations into the world of a new course online platform, and also the organizations to gain leadership in the field. 

The history of a Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) dates back to 1957, and this company has a venture of $70,000 capital. This capital had fetched this corporation second place in the list of the largest computer companies in the US, next to IBM. The first contribution was in the field of minicomputers, and later DEC migrated to Alpha systems and VAX. As far as history goes, you can see the influence of an expert digital transformation consultant in this case, and Eric is the modern consultant for the companies in need. 

The main essence that pushes Eric to work towards being a consultant to the companies in need is the ecosystems of knowledge and its components. He utilizes his skills to understand and also uses them as leverage to come up with new strategies and opportunities for the enthusiasts with a mind toward a bright future. 

Eric has a background in many fields such as technologies, and operations, and this has helped him to enjoy a 360-degrees approach to many things such as growth, innovation, and disruption. His main goal is to strive and also achieve excellence in everything he does, and he has achieved his goal time and time again. You can understand more about his works by visiting the official webpage of Calimero Consulting.

Edward Shea