How to Maximize Family Time Outdoors

How to Maximize Family Time Outdoors

A new patio cover will provide you additional options for how to utilize the area in addition to enhancing the outside of your house and the neighborhood. In order for you to enjoy the area, the danger has been decreased. However, many are unaware of the prospect that having more space may promote more family activities to be done outdoors. The majority of people think that installing a patio cover would enable them to improve their living space.

The patio covers in Boise, Idaho, that you wish to place in your home must first be chosen. After then, the action will ramp up, giving you the opportunity to start making new memories. Learn more about the many patio cover choices you have in the following paragraphs, along with some family-friendly activities.

Many Choices

Awnings are often used to offer shade on patios and decks. There is no reason to think that the Roman Empire was the first civilization to thoroughly study awnings, given that they were already in use. This is due to the rapid evolution of the materials used to create outdoor awnings.

These days, downhill-sloping awnings are the most popular because of how it is constructed, everything that touches the awning is swiftly drawn away from it. Awnings are still often utilized nowadays for the simple reason that they provide clients with a wide variety of alternatives to choose from. Awnings may be either permanent or retractable, depending on where they are placed. Depending on your requirements and preferences, retractables are available in both motorized and manual versions.

Solar Energy Use

As its name implies, solar screens are meant to provide a high amount of sun protection. It won’t hinder your capacity to understand what is going on inside, but it will make it more challenging to detect what is happening outside. In contrast to the other types of coverings discussed in this article, the screen is made to be hung vertically and acts more as a protective screen than a covering. In order to save energy, it is typical to retract them in homes with southern exposures.

Patio Covers in Vinyl

Due to their adaptability, these vinyl patio covers may be used both independently and in conjunction with an existing building framework. The joists and header are built mostly out of vinyl 2x4s and 2x6s. These two components meet the criteria. The ideal locations to put items are on the ground, on concrete surfaces, or on wooden decks. These patio coverings are made of a sturdy material that can handle the weight of things like porch swings and plants.

Installing a patio cover with louvers is one way to give the appearance of layers. Because it makes use of darker hues and straightforward, uncomplicated lines, this strategy can be identified by others. You should be aware of it as Butte Fence is the only company in the region to provide this kind of patio cover, and it enhances the appearance of the space you wish to cover.

The Advantages of Outdoor Activities

Since a patio cover expands the space of your home that can be utilized for living and provides shade, you and your family will want to spend more time outdoors. Consider the following idea categories:

Make Mud Cakes With the Kids

Without at least a little mud play, it is hard to have a really joyful childhood. Get your hands filthy if you want a joyful childhood. You must make sure you follow these guidelines. Later in the day, make mud pies. Pies may have a huge range of forms, both in terms of their basic characteristics and how they appear after baking. The space may be adorned with a variety of sized stones, branches, leaves, and fruit bunches. Hold a pie-making competition and award prizes for the best or most visually appealing pie. An expert panel of pie judges will evaluate the competition.

A Fence For the Garden

The whole family may engage in the delightful outdoor pastime of gardening. Whether you cultivate flowers or veggies, it may be beneficial to include the whole family in your gardening endeavors. Eating food that they assisted in producing helps kids appreciate the importance of working hard to accomplish a goal that will improve their physical and mental health.

If your yard is tiny, you may want to consider installing raised beds on your patio or deck. The patio cover’s shadow may be advantageous if the garden’s plants like to grow in the shade. If you grill in the yard, the plants on the patio will give your meal a pleasant fragrance.

Sweet-Sticky Smores

S’mores may be made outside over a fire you constructed yourself in a fire pit in your backyard. S’mores may be eaten in a hammock while gazing up over the sky or while unwinding on the patio. You may relax on the terrace if you set up chairs and blankets.

Artworks: Chalk Edition

Playing with colored chalk is not only more economical, but it may also spark creative ideas and provide the entire family with hours of enjoyment. It is possible to make beautiful works of art, game boards, murals, or even thought-provoking hopscotch out of the concrete on the patio, sidewalk, or driveway. You could even play hopscotch there. Hopscotch may be played in a formal context. Although learning the alphabet or practicing handwriting with chalk is a terrific method to achieve both of these objectives at once, this exercise is not only fun but also educational.

Outdoor Forts

Using some patio chairs, blankets, and cushions, you and your family can set up a comfortable fort on the patio. A popular outdoor pastime that may keep a family occupied for a long time, both during construction and after it is completed, is building forts.

Faerie Homes

Making a fairy home is a creative and enjoyable hobby that can be done with almost any organic material. Stones, sticks, and twigs are a few examples of the kinds of organic materials that might be utilized to construct fairy dwellings. To build fairy dwellings in your yard, collect materials like moss, twigs, stones, sticks, and dead leaves. Fairies are more likely to visit homes built of natural materials. In order to allow kids to play in lovely settings, old stumps may be converted into little birdhouses. It is very easy to construct, using just paint and glue as materials.

Decorative Rocks

Painting stones while they are shielded from the elements by the patio is a distinctive and delightful hobby. For this project, all you need is a paintbrush, the appropriate pigments, a neat assortment of stones, and a unique thought. Inspirational words, strange hand-painted patterns, or even animal forms may be seen etched into rocks. Each of these techniques entails considerable physical exertion. The only rules for painting on rocks are to be imaginative, positive, and fun. Nothing seems out of place.


As you can see, adding a patio cover to your deck or patio may provide you with more free time to relax with your family and enable you to make better use of the area you already have, which is a significant benefit. Please visit our website for additional information on this and all of our services. The services offered by Butte Fence are extensive. The next step will be for you to visit with a professional who will help you choose which kind of patio cover is appropriate for your specific home.

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